Shun, Shag Or Marry: The New Late Night Line Up

Late Night TV has been going through some serious shake ups. Leno is officially dunzo and this month, Conan and Jimmy Fallon launched their new talk shows. So, now that we’ve had a chance to sample the goods, who do we really want to take to bed with us? Find out in this round of Shun, Shag or Marry!

Ok, first things first we have to narrow down the Late Night pool a bit. Although we’d normally love to shun any dude who hosted “The Man Show,” after watching Jimmy Kimmel whimper on “The View” after his recent break up from Sarah Silverman , we just can’t kick a man when he’s down. Carson Daly just had a kid, new dad’s also not fair game. And let’s not even go there with grumpy grandpa Dave Letterman. So, that leave us with: Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Fallon, and Craig Ferguson!

Shun: Jimmy Fallon is a good looking guy with a bad reputation. There isn’t a lady in New York City who doesn’t have a friend he’s locked lips with at some bar. Although we fun-loving Frisky hos don’t discriminate against sluts (obvi, it’d be self-hate), makin’ out is about all the comedian’s mouth is good for. The rest of him, on the other hand, is totally awkward, which never translates well in the sack. Now, we know his show is on late, but they should rename it Snooze-a-palooza and market it towards mom’s who can get their babies to sleep. Heck, we’ll be drinking espresso after dinner when he finally gets the “Saved By The Bell” reunion together.

Shag: Craig Ferguson gave Conan quite the time slot challenge, back in the day. But who wouldn’t want to watch a tall, handsome, witty man with salt and pepper hair and a sexy Scottish accent strut across the stage? Even when he’s dressed up like Prince Charles with a comb-over and crooked teeth, we still want to shag the comedy bad boy. But we got competition ladies, Miss Piggy can’t resist him either, ’cause this UK dude as all that and a bag of crisps! So, of course, we would jump at the chance to return the favor and keep him up and entertained all night.

Marry: Conan O’Brien is our dependable man to crawl into bed with. The ginger guy has made us smile for years and we can trust him to be there for us, especially when we can’t sleep. He’s silly, but definitely has a softer, caring side. Not to mention, he’s a good earner, generous to his staff, and a great dad. Sheesh, our love for him is so practical and spark-less, it’s like we’re already married! But he’s truly an awesome catch, so if we could hook line and sink him, we totally would. Conan 4 life!