Should Beth Ditto Be Considered A Fashion Icon?

In many ways, the Gossip lead singer Beth Ditto is simply the s**t. She’s a big, bad ass lesbian who’s got to be more comfortable with her body than pretty much anyone I know. That said, I’ve got to agree with British GQ features editor, Alex Blimes, in his incredulity at Ditto’s fashion “icon” status. Blimes was a complete ass about it, calling my favorite plus-sized and proud singer a “porker,” but I’m with him on the main point: Ditto’s style is none-too-special.Yeah, she wears crazy outfits that are heavy on the fishnet, spandex, cleavage and crotch, but that doesn’t make her fashionable, it just makes her daring and over-the-top in, dare I say it…a tacky way. Some might say that Ditto doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her style — but I disagree. Look at the picture to the left. Someone wearing that much makeup, hair dye and different clothing pieces — what Tim Gunn would call “a whole lotta look” — isn’t putting in that much effort because they don’t care.

Her style might be loud and attention grabbing, but it’s not worthy of Icon status. She doesn’t dress for her body and I’ve seen more Ditto underpants than Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton combined. Ditto isn’t doing anything that hasn’t been done before by other loud, attention grabbing rock stars — say what you want about Lady Gaga (like no one else could pull it off), but her look is far more shocking and provocative.

Of course, Ditto isn’t to blame for her Icon “status.” While she certainly does care what people think of her clothes, she unfailingly does her own thing– regardless of how much I wish she’d wear a slightly longer skirt. But as long as Ditto continues being “near-spherical” and squeezed into things sparkly, tight and altogether a tad garish, the fashion ranks are bound to consider her a source of inspiration — even if I don’t.