Oh Baby! MTV’s “16 And Pregnant” Premieres

Last night, MTV premiered its new reality show “16 And Pregnant.” And the Juno from the premiere, Miss Maci from Chattanooga, was like a Babyzilla pounding her fists for attention and whining to her BF and the cameras non-stop. Good thing MTV was there to validate the importance of her feelings!Considering there has been a scary spike in teenage pregnancy, does exploiting nervous soon to be moms make for good television? It’s like rubbernecking a bad traffic accident — you can’t help but watch in horror as the former cheerleader admits she texted her mom the big news, switches schools to get her diploma early, and goes dirt-biking at eight months of pregnancy. Red-headed teen terror, Maci, was a classic, crazy, reality show character in an even more extreme situation.

As far as premises go, it’s a fascinating predicament fraught with many issues — finances, body changes, and a pain in the ass baby daddy. For Maci, there is much at stake. In fact, if you go to MTV.com now, you can help her sort things out by voting on whether or not she should stay with the baby’s father, Ryan.

But isn’t an entire series about teen pregnancy potentially going to glamorize it? Just like the “Rock of Love” skanks have now made showbiz careers out of their bad behavior, shouldn’t we fear the same about impressionable teens? Hey kids, wanna get on MTV? Well, all you have to do is not use protection and you could be our next star!

Maci admits her friends are already jealous that she gets to move out of her house and into her own apartment with her boyfriend — and now she’s on television. All this and a baby! Dreams do come true? With series casting demands being what they are, will some savvy/stupid teen take it one step further and become the teenage version of the Octomom or Kate Gosselin? But will anyone want to watch?