In Bed With … Gael Garcia Bernal

November 30, 1978 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Ascendant: Unknown
Moon: Sagittarius
Mercury: Sagittarius
Venus: Scorpio
Mars: Sagittarius

Love Style:

Although Gael comes in a tiny package, this man packs a major bite! As fiery as they come, he’s a man that lives fearlessly and most likely has a very lothario approach to love. Driven by sex, impulses and a wild sense of adventure, he’s not the guy that plans too far in advance, rather preferring to see where the wind blows and then darts off in whichever direction makes him the most curious. In love, he needs challenge. The more his interests are provoked, as the more intensity a woman emits, the more powerful he’ll want and be driven to have her. Inspired by danger, he yearns to walk through fires and feel the burn; living as if everyday were an inquisition of his courage, depth and determination — and with love and lust, it must be so strong, he’ll have a complete submission of all his senses. Otherwise, if it’s not extreme and cathartic, it’s not love.

Sex Style:

Fitness will play a big role in the sac with Gael, because he’s got so much energy to burn that when he gets into it, he’s an animal. He’s fast, rough and consumed — and all the while, completely present. He lives his life as such and in bed this is no surprise. When it comes to doing it, he’s the guy that brings it all and each time. For every time he whips out his bad boy there is a new chance for him to forge a deeper bond with whomever he’s laying with and for him, what he is after is a life changing experience each and every time — and for everyone involved. He wants something spiritual out of his experiences, along with the obvious, as he’s the guy that screws with his soul, not just his body. Intensity is always part of his game and it is his belief that if he’s not left his conquests breathlessly reborn than he hasn’t done his job.

His Type:

Dummies need not apply, as there is one thing that straight up turns Mr. Garcia Bernal on and that is a nicely racked brain that’s filled with curiosity, adventure, ideas and energy. A lady that lives life to the fullest and isn’t scared to venture off into the absurd or unknown is his thing, as he’s perfect for someone with enthusiasm and an ability to diffuse him when necessary, but also inspire him too. If she is a little out of touch with reality and lives in her own la la land of idealism, even better — as that is the state of mind he prefers. Plus, if she comes from a vastly different background from him, as in country, ethnic group, religion, social strata, etc. perfect, as he’s all about learning and seeing life from various perspectives. To pair up with a ladylove that can turn it out the way he does, but from another vantage point only increases the odds of reaching his match point for love.

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