Etsy Find Of The Week: Creative Dexterity Jewelry

Guys: wooing a woman with diamonds is one way to go about things. But we what we really like is when you talk nerdy to us. Start your courtship with Creative Dexterity, an Etsy shop full of jewelry made from Apple keyboard pieces. Get matchy-matchy with your lappy by wearing the Computer Bling ring, a Command key flanked by pairs of cubic zirconia gems, or sport an “OMG” necklace made from letter keys. Guys can get in on the geek chic look as well with the cufflinks fashioned from circular on switches. We’d just be careful about which styles you present to your lady, as some of them can have double meanings. The necklace with an Enter button could be sexy; the ring with the esc key could send the wrong idea. [Creative Dexterity]