Curvy Chicks Beat Out The Scrawny Competitors

We all know most dudes don’t like chicks who can count their own ribs, but a new study suggests that bigger girls are where it’s at. When 100 dudes were asked to rate the attractiveness of different sized female torsos, researchers found that most men prefer women who are a size 14. The idea gal is 163cm tall with a 76cm waist and 102cm hips. This study didn’t take bust size into account which seems like a pretty important factor. Other studies have suggested that women with hourglass figures, rather than women with athletic bodies, are more attractive to men.

I don’t agree with this study, based purely on the fact that I talk to dudes about women all the time. I don’t know many guys whose ideal woman is a size 14, but maybe that’s because they don’t understand sizes in the first place? Guys certainly don’t like chicks as skinny as the ones you see strutting down the catwalk, but when I ran this study by my male friends one of them called it “ridiculous” and all of them just plain disagreed. What do you think? []

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