Amanda Knox Takes The Stand

While the rest of her friends will be graduating from the University of Washington this weekend, 21-year-old Amanda Knox will go over her testimony given earlier today in Italy defending her innocence in the murder of British student Meredith Kercher. Kercher was found dead — stabbed in the neck and strangled — half naked in a pool of blood on November 1, 2007 in the house she and Knox shared while studying abroad, beginning the murder trial that continues to shake the little town of Perugia, Italy. Five months into a case that has so many missing pieces and piles of misinformation, Knox took the stand today facing life imprisonment, in hopes to finally clear her name. Unfortunately for Knox, charged with murder and sexual violence along with ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, that is going to be a very hard thing to do. There are many aspects of this case that, after looking at them all in one sitting, I wonder how a fair verdict will ever be achieved. The first piece of ridiculousity is the prosecutor himself, Giuliano Mignini, who is, while still working this case, being indicted for professional misconduct on another murder case…there goes any promise of being fair and just, but it gets better. Italian jurors, like the ones deciding Knox’s fate, are not checked for biases nor are they advised to stay away from mainstream media to keep their judgments fair. Also defendants do not have to swear an oath of truth, so Knox could potentially lie on the stand, but that almost doesn’t matter since the Italian media is almost sure to deem everything she says as a lie.

After reading about Knox’s testimony I found myself in the same cesspool of confusing information. The validity of this case is as hazy as the marijuana Knox confessed to smoking with Sollecito the night of the murder. Knox confessed that she was with Sollecito at his place that night, smoking and sexing and saw Kercher for the last time the afternoon before. She also made a point to say that alleged police beatings and drugs put her under pressure and confusion when giving earlier statements to police. That’s what I call a “nice save.” The rest of the testimony just repeated known facts and did not shed any profound light on the situation.

With a case so brutal in a place where honor means everything, people want justice and that means someone must be blamed. But the thing that bothers me out is someone has! Drug dealer Rudy Guede has already been convicted for taking part in the murder and will spend the next 30 years in the clink. His bloody hand print was found on a pillow in Kercher’s room and his DNA was found on her body. Oh, and his story’s a gem — basically he had sex with Kercher, went to the bathroom, put on his iPod, came out and saw someone standing over her with a knife. Later he changed “someone” to “Knox and Sollecito”. The holes in his story are huge. What was he doing in the bathroom after sex that he required his iPod, and how does one person standing with a knife magically turn into two?

The only evidence against Knox and Sollecito is a trace of Sollecito’s DNA on Kercher’s bra clasp and Knox’s prints on a knife, but it is not for certain that the knife was the one used at the crime scene. This weak evidence only slightly backs the prosecution’s even weaker theory that Kercher was killed for refusing to partake in some sick drug-induced sex fest. The entire web of misinformation and media fodder confusing everyone has made this case, in my opinion, unfit to judge. Maybe that’s why two judges are on this case?

But seriously how can jurors (who only need majority vote and can be easily swayed) come to a fair verdict when most of the facts are constantly changing and others are merely assumptions?! I don’t know if Amanda Knox is innocent or guilty, but I do suggest during the odd summer break before the final verdict, these people get it together. Justice for Meredith Kercher will not be had judging the fate of two lives with flawed evidence.