Artist Paints Sarah Jessica As A Horse: Funny Or Mean?

E! Online recently asked readers if this painting of Sarah Jessica Parker, an equine rendition of her Covet perfume ad, is too mean. The overwhelming response: hells yeah.

But honestly, I’m not at all offended. I love Carrie Bradshaw as much as the next girl, but I actually chuckled when I saw this on the art blog Gallery of the Absurd. Sarah is obviously beautiful, but, well, if she were animal, she’d definitely be a horse. And Sarah Jessica isn’t the only one who artist 14 has painted. After the jump, some of our favorites of her work.
14 gets much of her inspiration from Paris Hilton, and painted her during the “Simple Life” days with Nicole Richie. Paris’ team threatened to sue the artist for painting the heiress in one of her most famous poses with crabs exiting her…sea cave. [Gallery of the Absurd]

Combining her frustration with Paris Hilton aka Crabby and celebrity fragrances in general comes: Crab Crab, 14’s STD rendition of Paris’ fourth perfume, Can Can. [Gallery of the Absurd]

My love for Chanel genius Karl Lagerfeld will be forever, but 14’s portrayal of the fashionisto’s ego is just too funny. [Gallery of the Absurd]

What’s the fuss? It’s just art.