Round Sunglasses Are The Next Big Thing We Won’t Be Buying

We’d seen the round glasses trend creeping up slowly for the last couple years. It became especially apparent the circle shades would blow up at some point when Mary-Kate Olsen, always the trendsetter, began wearing John Lennon-style wireframes on a regular basis. And then goggle-like pairs were paraded down the runways of Proenza Schouler, Lanvin, and Marc Jacobs. Now, the New York Times has declared this the summer of round-framed sunglasses, and we’re aghast. We need a new style of sunglasses to take over because Ray-Ban Wayfarers have long since reached their saturation point. But there’s a reason those are so ubiquitous: They pretty much look good on everyone. No matter your face shape or style of dressing — from my über-preppy friend to the hipsters down the block — they fit. Round frames, while classic, don’t look so hot on everyone. Do you want to look like Ozzy Osbourne? Because, you know, round wire-framed specs are as much of a trademark for him as his long hair and incomprehensible speech. Now, if you resemble a hot Harry Potter when you put on a pair of round glasses, then you’re one of the lucky few. The rest of us should avoid these bug-eyed shades like the plague. I’m not really into looking like a washed-up hippie or a mosquito, are you? [NY Times]