Liberate The Condoms At CVS!, Activists Say

Is it possible to c**k block safe sex? Yes, say public health advocates who are going after CVS for sometimes locking its condoms behind glass cases!

Advocates For Youth and CureCVS are rallying people based on the findings of a Change To Win study, which investigated CVS branches in five major metropolitan areas. They found condom lockage is three times more likely to occur in areas where minorities live—which obviously is discriminatory and needs to stop immediately. In their petition, the activists point out Walgreens and RiteAid both prohibit the lockage of the condoms. But I actually don’t have an issue with keeping rubbers behind lock and key. Yeah, it creates a bit of a barrier that might lead some people to skip protection and pass along HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. But honestly, that’s not the company’s concern, is it? CVS is in the product-selling business, not the STD-stopping business. Pharmacies lock all kinds of products up—pricey razors, baby formula, even NyQuil (because people might mosey off to their backyard meth lab with an armful)—presumably based on what people steal. CVS, the nation’s biggest drugstore chain, is a business above anything else and it’s in their interest to prevent theft.

When I last shopped for condoms, I didn’t like asking a pharmacy staffer—some older dude—to get me my Trojans OR my Schick razor my out of the glass case. But I dealt with it. Seriously, you can’t hold people’s hands with everything.