It’s Not Easy Being Goth. Especially in Hot Weather.

Confession: I was kinda Goth in high school. Every Saturday night, I got out my black dress, fishnets, Doc Martins, slathered on the black eyeliner, white face powder, and vamp lipstick, and headed to my local Goth club to do the pain dance. Why? It was the best way to show the world how I felt on the inside—slightly dark and a wee bit odd. I’ve outgrown the phase, but let me tell ya, it’s not easy being goth. Forget being an inky soul in a world of full of people who can’t understand your damage, but getting dressed in all that gear is practically a full-time job. And then there’s summer—every Goth’s nightmare. Hot weather, sunshine, and happiness abound. A new blog, Goths In Hot Weather, is here to show us what Goths do during the summer months, and it certainly is not cute, my friends. Still, I just can’t stop looking. After the jump, favorite hot Goths from the site.

Spike Collapse. A rather large teenage Goth’s hair collapses in the heat, but really that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Check out the intensity of his tortured expression. Just go home, dude.

Goth Garden Party. The band Alien Sex Fiend (never heard of them, have you?) puts on their Gothic best for an outdoor picnic. One even has a Gothosol in hand. Maybe they would be more comfortable in a dark, air conditioned room?

Say “Cheese” Think “Suffering.” An idyllic Goth family portrait. It’s just a day at the beach, romping in the waves, building sand castles…while wearing 100 pounds of black velvet. At least they won’t get sunburned.