“Hitched Or Ditched” Makes Us Wonder About Weddings

While “Hitched or Ditched” is quite possibly the most terrible show on television, I have found myself watching it on more than one occasion. The show gives a couple who seem to be ready for marriage but are avoiding it the chance to have their dream ceremony. Over a period of four days, they have to decide whether they should indeed get married, or split up for good. Of course, drama ensues, exes are brought back to life, and in-laws do embarrassing things. During the days leading up to the wedding, the bride- and groom-to-be find out things they didn’t know about each other and try to figure out whether they should indeed tie the knot. Every day, they’re asked whether they would marry the person if the wedding were that day. On last night’s episode, Gabi flip-flopped each day, saying she would marry him and then she wouldn’t. When it came time for the wedding, I was on the edge of my seat: Would she leave him at the alter? And, if she had so many questions about they’re relationship, why were they even living together?

Since I’m not engaged, I’m not exactly sure what emotions a person goes through leading up to a wedding. You always hear about people getting “cold feet”; Marriage is a big deal, after all. But do real people who are actually getting married go back and forth about their fiance as much as they do on “Hitched or Ditched”? In my mind, you shouldn’t be considering a life together if you change your mind about them on a daily basis.