Five Reasons We Wish We Still Wore Size 6X

Most of the time, I love being an adult. I can decide when to go to bed (or not), eat an entire package of Sour Patch Kids at the movie theater before dinner, and wear skirts of questionable length. But, every now and then, I wish I were a kid again. Not for the lack of responsibilities or months-long summer vacations, but for the clothes. Today, Stella McCartney announced she’s launching a collection for GapKids and babyGap later this year. If only I could shrink down a bit, I could sport Stella’s designs for less than a gazillion dollars! Here’s what else rocks about shopping in the kids department.

  1. Compared with what we pay for clothes, kids’ stuff is cheap.
  2. Because kids are constantly growing, they basically get new clothes monthly.
  3. Kids can go overboard with sparkles and glitter and pink without looking like Paris Hilton.
  4. When you’re little, you don’t have to worry about what messages your clothes send to the world, which means you can wear your favorite shirt every single day. That is, if Mom allows it.
  5. Us adults only get to wear fancy dresses for special events, but kids can put on princess clothes every day after school.
  6. Someone else is in charge of getting out grass stains.