Cougars Go Gaga For Glambert

The secret’s out: cougars want to claw “American Idol” runner-up Adam Lambert, says blogger and self-proclaimed Lambert-lover Joan Raymond at According to her, confident women over the age of 40 are obsessed with the 27-year-old newly-outed singer. Overall, her reasons make sense, but the thing is, nothing she says explains why older women would react differently than, say, any teenybopper or “Idol” obsessed fan. Raymond turns to biology to explain the attraction, saying Lambert’s mix of masculine and feminine facial features stimulate a woman’s innate desires. I guess so, but he wears so much make-up, how can you tell? She uses Lambert’s “hotter-than-Johnny Depp” Rolling Stone cover as an example of his desirability. Let me just say Adam Lambert is far, far away from exuding the level of heat that Johnny does.

Then she goes mental, citing a sex therapist’s advice that “more women would be happier if they channeled their inner 14-year-olds once in a while.” I agree with this 100 percent, but women of all ages, not just 40+, need to give into their inner child every so often. So I want to know what’s so special about cougars? The only striking difference is that it’s more widely accepted for a teenage girl to swoon over a popular new rockstar—gay or straight—than a bunch of moms lusting over a man who’s young enough to be their son.

Raymond then explains that it’s Lambert’s devil-may-care attitude and “lack of inhibition” that attract cougars to him and not other sexy young crooners. I’m thinking it’s the uncontrolled freedom and careless expression enjoyed in their past that these cougars desire more than the man rocking out on stage. So a note to cougars everywhere, you’re allowed to let your wildest boy toy fantasies come true, but just know you are no different than the high school sophomore standing next to you.