Stuff Your Face, Smooth Your Wrinkles

What kind of f**kery is this? A British company called Eat Yourself Beautiful is selling marshmallows made out of collagen peptides that promise to smooth wrinkles, reduce cellulite, firm the skin and reduce inflammation of joints. And they taste like pink grapefruit, too.Eat Yourself Beautiful is calling the marshmallows, manufactured by a confectioner in Japan, “nutraceuticals,” i.e. nutritious foods with pharmaceutical properties. (Nutrients in marshmallows? Really?) Each packet of marshmallows contains 3000 mgs of collagen peptides and three packets cost £9, or about $15 dollars. “It generally takes about two weeks in order to experience any real difference, and since the results are cumulative, the collagen supplement should be taken on an ongoing basis,” Eat Yourself Beautiful explains. I guess you’d need to buy at least five packets ($75) to notice any difference? Cheaper than Botox…

Now I’m no chemist but…um, pass. Supposedly these marshmallows have been approved by various food standards agencies in the UK. But since the topical collagen on both my Victoria’s Secret Very Voluptuous lip plumper and my Smashbox O-Plump lip plumper stings on my lips, no effing way. I’ll enjoy my regular, collagen-less marshmallows and my wrinkles, thank you very much.

But I cannot WAIT until Sarah Haskins of Current TV’s Target Women gets her hands on this. [Eat Yourself Beautiful]