What To Wear To The Five Most Random Fashion Weeks Around The World

Move over New York, Paris and Milan, you no longer have the monopoly on Fashion Week. The three fashion capitols of the world are no longer the only cities drawing the well-heeled to their runways. Name a country, chances are it has a fashion week. Of course the big question is: What does one wear to those tents of fashion glory? Well, actually, the big question might be where in the world are some of these cities, but that’s a whole other can of designer worms. While Chanel works in Paris, I was not so convinced about what to wear to Fashion Weeks in more unusual locales. After consulting the map I have come up with the five most unusual Fashion Weeks I would go to and what I would wear to each.

  • Reykjavik, Iceland: Viking-chic is the only way to go in Scandinavia. While this part of the world is probably fashion-famous for those bronze hats with the two bones sticking out on either side, I would recommend a more traditional approach. If the þjóðbúninginn pictured above (the national costume worn on Independence Day) is just a bit to much of a literal trend interpretation for you, I would consider the old standby, the upphlutur. Since the upphlutur is basically just a corset, pair it with dark skinny jeans and you pay homage to Iceland’s fashion history without getting mistaken for working at a tourist shop. [$50, bebe.com]
  • Kansas City, US: What trend could possibly be more pervasive in the American west than the Cowboy look? I don’t suggest you go all Clint Eastwood on me and get a horse and a gun, because an old fashioned gun will just not fit into a clutch and horses generate a ridiculous amount of poop. A much easier way to steal the cowboy style is to throw on some cowboy boots and a rodeo hat. Both work equally well with jeans or even a cute mini dress. If you find yourself your own cute cowboy down at the saloon, you can wear the boots…and just the boots. [$209, Lord and Taylor]
  • Liverpool, England: In the Beatles hometown of Liverpool, it seems only proper (and you know how those Brits love their manners) to dress as one did back in their heyday. Luckily for you the Beatles were around long enough to jam during the mod and hippie era. I myself could never resist gogo boots, but I won’t judge you if you prefer to go hippie and break out the tie-dyed headbands. [$34, Yandy]
  • Zagreb, Croatia: To be honest, I had no idea where in the fashion world to find Zagreb. My loss because after one google search I am obsessed with Croatian nosnje (national dress). The massive head scarves intricately folded and covered with flowers made my heart flutter. If you are not a har/scarf kind of girl (and I am not because I have a huge head), you can get a toned version with a brightly patterned cashmere scarf wrapped around your neck. [$20, cashmerescarfshop.com]
  • Ulan Bator, Mongolia: Those Mongolians combine two trends on their hats that I had always assumed were like oil and water: fur and beads. I guess I have just been fashion closed-minded to such unusual pairings, and while me likey, I am going to approach this look with caution. I suggest beaded head gear because even if you like faux fur, I am no expect on Mongolian weather and sweaty hat head does not cut it at the after parties. [$27.95, skhatshop.com]
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