Howl At The Moon!

We all had one. A kid in our junior high school class who wore a wolf T-shirt, I mean. That kid was ahead of the curve, as the wolf T is suddenly oh-so ironically in. The craze started when a T-shirt, with three wolves illustrated on it, went up for sale on Amazon and inspired fake review after fake review of how much customers enjoyed their purchase. Suddenly, the wolf T because the site’s number one best selling item in the apparel section. Here’s a sampling of the reviews that helped make it a best seller:

“I have been wearing this shirt for about 15 weeks and I have not needed to wash it! You don’t put this shirt on your torso you put it on your soul. The day I bought this shirt I lost 300 lbs!” —B.Prince

“I had a two-wolf shirt for a while and I didn’t think life could get any better. I was wrong. Life got 50% better, no lie.”—Seth G. Macy

“I believe that wearing this t-shirt has made me a better man, which is remarkable because, well….I’m a chick.” —Diane

“It’s, amazing, this only works out at $5 per wolf – with the moon thrown in free! Yep, three awesome howling wolves and a free moon – who can argue with value like that, especially on unemployment benefits in these tough economic times.” —G.Smith

Jack Black gave the shirt celeb-cred by sporting his while promoting his new movie “Year One.” Will this kill the buzz? Make it even more popular? Or will something else — say, hyper-color — take its place? [$15.95, Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt, Amazon]