French Elle De-Glams Scarlett Johansson

French Elle has bitch slapped the fashion and beauty industries with their most recent cover. Again. For the second time this year, their cover shoot was minimally made up and, dare I say it, almost natural looking. We loved when they shot hottie model Eva Herzigova sans makeup a couple months again, putting her in a pared down white blouse and similarly laid back hair.

This time though, we weren’t so thrilled. Yes, we applaud the move away from airbrushed impossibility in the general sense, but Scarlett Johansson’s cover is a tad confusing. She’s minimally made up and there doesn’t seem to be blatant airbrushing, but the clothing is a bit trampy, the hair super boring and the expression utterly vacant. This one’s just not doing it for us.Let’s face it — Scarlett is not exactly know for her acting skills. Rather, the crux of her image is based on her being a hot ass, bodacious blonde. With the brunette locks, librarian-esque ‘do and semi-tacky outfit, Johansson looks like a mousy school marm tart halfway done up for a particularly desperate Girls Night Out. And we didn’t even think that combo was possible. What do you think of it?