Pregnant Man Gives Birth To His Second Child

Thomas Beatie, the world’s first pregnant man, shot to insta-fame when he appeared on “Oprah” last year. He gave birth to a baby girl in July 2008. And he just popped out his second kid—this time, a boy. So how exactly does a dude get knocked up? Turns out Thomas was born a woman, and while he had a sex change, he didn’t undergo phalloplasty. In other words, he doesn’t have a penis, and all of his female reproductive organs are still in tact. Since his wife, Nancy, had a hysterectomy, they decided that Thomas should carry their children rather than adopting or getting a surrogate. But even though Thomas was the one doing the pushing, he’ll assume the father role while Nancy takes over as mama. She’ll even be breastfeeding the new baby. That’s right: apparently, once you’ve been pregnant (as Nancy was), your breasts can lactate at any time if the nipple is stimulated. So all she had to do was use a breast pump to get that flowing. [ABC Health News]

Even though nine doctors rejected artificially inseminating Thomas, clearly that did not dissuade the couple from having kids. Instead the Beaties took matters into their own hands. Thomas stopped taking his testosterone and waited for his menstrual cycle to start up again. Then the couple ordered sperm off the Internet, and Nancy used a syringe to send them swimming. The couple learned from a home pregnancy test that their science experiment had worked. And you thought you were clever with your paper mache volcano.

On a slightly more adorable note, before bedtime, Thomas reads Mr. Seahorse to his daughter, a book about how male seahorses carry their offspring. Without a doubt, his son will be hearing the same tale shortly. [20/20]