Pee Like A Lady With These On-The-Go Products

It’s fun having choices: decaf or regular, hair up or hair down, spider maki roll or spicy tuna roll… and now you can choose a device to pee. Whether you’re at a concert, in the woods, or just need to pee next to a parked car leaving a club one night, portable urinating devices allow you to keep some dignity when peeing au natural, and prevent your clothes from getting urine splash stains—it’s gross but true!

  1. Uriwell is a compact portable urinal that has a unisex adapter (thus, comfortable for both men and women). I don’t think this one is for me. It may be flexible and small, but I don’t think I can keep a personal toilet discrete in my everyday tote.
  2. The P-Mate works because it’s funnel shaped to fit any woman’s body. The P-Mate website gives excellent (easy) instructions on how to use the product. Unfortunately, the P-Mate isn’t reusable—which is why they are sold in packs of 4 or 8.
  3. The Shewee is a plastic funnel similar to the P-Mate, but is reusable. As the website points out, a reusable Shewee is still hygienic—apparently, urine is sterile after leaving the body. So all you have to do is give it a shake, place it in a plastic bag, and wait until nature calls. Plus, the Pink Shewee for Breast Cancer Awareness, the Shewee traveling case, and the Extension Tube (in case you’re on a boat or have layered clothes on) make me like the product even more.
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