Stupid Quote Of The Day: “I’m Glad People Like Chris Brown Are Hurting Women”

You may not have heard of Max Drummey, so I’ll fill you in. He’s a guitarist for Chester French, a pretty decent band. He has hipster hair. And he married and divorced Bob Geldof spawn/Miss Ultimo model Peaches Geldof earlier this year. But now you can just file him away in your brain as a dumbass.

Max mouthed off to the Daily Mail about Chris Brown’s alleged beating of Rihanna, and said:

“We’re guys who have been hurt by women and I’m glad people like Chris Brown are finally taking it back and hurting women.”

He said it in jest, I’m sure. But the comment lacked any kind of wit that would make it actually funny. Still, the verbal diarrhea continued! Max also told the paper that his six-month marriage to Peaches was just a publicity stunt and he has her “on retainer…my personal payroll.”

“She’s my friend for money. She also orchestrates publicity stunts for me….I’ve garnered so much amazing publicity from awesome-people [after marrying Peaches].”

Hmm, maybe Max should take advice from a new publicist because he’s really not minding his Ps & Qs: in other words, don’t sound like a publicity-starved, friend-paying, abuse-of-women-approving douchebag. [Daily Mail]