Jetsetting Goes High Fashion With New Missoni Hotel And Others

Designers these days aren’t just about producing goods, but rather about lifestyle branding. In order to live, breathe, eat, and sleep the label, fashion hotels have been popping up, the latest of which comes from Missoni. Opening its doors in Edinburgh, Scotland, the place is decked out in Missoni’s signature prints, which find themselves on everything from the sheets and towels to the walls and decorative vases. [This would make me very dizzy. — Editor] The Italian aura pervades throughout with a Missoni coffee bar and spa. Missoni is moving fast on the trend; the Scotland location will be followed shortly by a similar outpost in Kuwait (of all places). []

The hotel claims to be innovative by offering affordable luxury—rooms start at around $340 per night, which is (shocker!) quite the pretty penny. You may find, however, that the price pales in comparison to other truly exorbitant designer hotels. Read on to get the skinny on other designer hotels in Milan, Australia, and Paris.We’re not sure we’d necessarily feel the safest under the care of Donatella Versace, but others have no qualms with her Palazzo Versace Hotel on Australia’s Gold Coast. The rooms feature a type of rich decor that with gold fabrics and details that appear a bit over the top, if not suffocating. Donatella’s now at work creating a second Palazzo in Dubai which will have a “refrigerated beach.” No clue what that means, but it sounds expensive. []

The Italian jeweler, Bulgari, has a resort in Bali and restos in Tokyo, but we’re most feeling the contemporary Milan hotel, which is classy without be ostentatious. A sleek space filled with earth tones, stone surfaces, and Zimbabwe marble, it’s also right next a botanical garden. []

At the Hôtel du Petit Moulin in Paris, you get an interior and rooms designed by Christian Lacroix, which he describes as a mix of classic design, kitsch, and zen. Some rooms have frescos of starscapes, while others are more chi-chi and French in style with ornate jeweled headboards. With Lacroix’s fashion empire going under, he’d at least have a place to live. [Hotel du Petit Moulin]

Expected to open sometime this year, the Maison Moschino in Milan is meant to be a bit surreal. Located in an old railway station, some of the rooms have a dreamy quality with stark white walls and a bedspread and chandelier made of dripping red petals. For a long time, Moschino has been marketing its Cheap & Chic line (which almost seems to be neither). The hotel is certainly chic. Cheap? Definitely not. [Vogue UK]