It’s One Thing To Eat Play-Doh, It’s Another To Smell Like Play-Doh

I have never really been into cologne. They all more or less smell the same to me, i.e. “ugh, way too much cologne.” That being said, my blase reaction to cologne is probably partially due to the fact that I have yet to run into a dude wearing a cologne by Demeter. Calling Demeter’s scents “run of the mill” is like calling Michelle Obama’s arms puny. Sure, there are the more traditional sniffers like Earl Grey Tea, Cannabis Flower and Redhead in Bed, but these are not what caught my attention. Oh no, the real eye brow raising scents were those reminiscent of our childhood. As an artistically challenged child, Play-Doh was about the only medium no one was actually good at or cared enough to tease me about. Still, this doesn’t mean I want to jump someone who smells like it. That being said, this must float somebody’s boat because you can indeed buy Play-Doh cologne. Apparently there is a whole untapped market of “I want to smell like an unwashed kindergartner” consumers, because for $20 you can also smell like crayons, Jolly Ranchers, or Tootsie rolls. Hey, what about Lincoln Logs? [$20, Demeter Fragrance]