“30 Rock” Is “Muppet Show” Knock-Off, Says Blogger

I’ve never watched an episode of “30 Rock,” but even I was a little intrigued by blogger Brian Lynch’s theory that Tina Fey’s sitcom is a rip-off of “The Muppet Show,” which I’ve actually watched and enjoyed. His evidence seems valid, but, you know, I’m no expert. The premises of the two shows are awfully similar. Both focus on a neurotic lead character who has to put on a weekly sketch comedy show with a bunch of misfits. Although Liz Lemon and Kermit are totally “neurotic worrywarts” who have weekly breakdowns, they’re the sanest characters on their shows. Both Jenna Maroney and Miss Piggy have questionable talent, yet are willing to backstab their way to the top. And they’re blond. Tracy Jordan, like Gonzo, is the cast member whose eccentricities overflow, and the similarities don’t stop there. Both have a habit of hurting themselves. In addition, Tracy and Gonzo have wandering eyes, even though they’re in committed relationships. Gonzo, as you might remember, has been in a long-term relationship with Camilla the Chicken. Kenneth the Page is Scooter, a naive gopher who tries to make everyone on set happy. Jack Donaghy, however, isn’t just one Muppet, but is several rolled into one.

Do you think Lynch is talking out of his behind with this theory? Or is it a spot-on comparison?