Quween On The Scene Scares Protects Celebs From The Paparazzi

We (almost) feel bad for celebs sometimes. For famous peeps, like Katherine McPhee, getting chased down by the ‘razzi on the mean streets of California is part of everyday life. But what’s a celeb to do when the cameras are rolling and their manicured feet just won’t move fast enough in those $8,000 stilettos? Well, fortuantely for celebs in swanky Beverly Hills, a certain homeless woman is willing to come a-running when things start to heat up. This woman, who goes by the name Quween on the Scene, curses, lurches, and yells threats until the paparazzi leave her celebrity friends alone. Check out these videos to see her in action.

Quween on the Scene must be pretty good at what she does, because this satirical vid is making her more famous than some of the D-listers she’s protecting.

Phoebe Price likes Quween on the Scene so much she bought her a birthday present. But I’m not sure if she’s going to wear that hat because Quween seems very attached to the black do rag. Maybe Phoebe should have tossed her a little dough instead.

Adam Lambert seems a little intimidated by all those photographers, so it’s a good thing Quween was on the scene. We think Adam should have thanked her by singing a song by Queen. Heh.