Quickies!: Jamie Lynn Spears Is Just Like Any Other Teen

  • Jamie Lynn Spears gives us the finger, and parties it up. [TMZ] — We’re glad the girl is finally acting her age, but we’re a little scared about what’s in the cup.
  • Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston have reportedly split up. [Us Magazine] — He was too cute for her, anyway.
  • Courtney Love seems to have recovered from her mid-life crisis, and is on to bigger and better things…like starting her own fashion line. [Refinery 29] — I have to admit, I’m more scared than excited.

  • Spencer and Heidi Pratt say the reports about them being tortured while taping “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here” are false. [PopEater] — As if a major network would be dumb enough to torture someone, even if the audience would thank them with a ratings boost.
  • Some fear Huffington Post’s content borders on sexist. [Jezebel] — We, however, enjoy their content.
  • Sex-ed covers the birds and the bees, but one mother wishes it covered, well…more. [Your Tango]