Oxford Coeds Help Everyone Study Hard With Naked Calendar

Talk about Grade-A ass, Oxford students posed nude for a charity calendar benefiting TravelAid, an organization that works to eradicate third-world hunger. The $15 calendar features coeds on the grounds of the venerable institution, studying in the library, rowing, and playing the cello—sans clothing.

Though some alumni were peeved by the bawdiness of the project, administrators consented to the series of photo shoots of their best and brightest students in the buff because it was for charity. And the students themselves had loads of fun shooting it. “Given the opportunity I’d gladly get my kit off again in the university to raise money for a worthy cause — it’s liberating,” said one birthday-suit lovin’ babe. You have to admit, this has to be a change from their everyday scholarly days. We say, if you got it, flaunt it… especially for a worthwhile cause. [Daily Mail]