Cute Ways To Wear Your Boo’s Initials

Carving our initials—D + J = <3 4ever!—into the side of a tree with might be super-romantic, but it’s not especially green. So my boyfriend and I are scoping out ways to wear each other’s initials instead. We’re not quite at the engagement ring stage, though, and tattoos aren’t either of our scenes.

Thank-heavens-for-Etsy, there’s more than a few cute initialed doodads online. I’m sweet on the Black Diamond edition Scrabble tiles ($5.75) or the
typewriter key letters ($24.99), both of which are funky ways to wear a “D” around my neck. But someone who doesn’t like to wear jewelry—like my bf—might prefer this sweet-ass engraved guitar pick ($28).

Too cute, right?