James Bond Was One Gentleman Who Preferred Brunettes

Britain’s most famous secret service agent doesn’t prefer blondes. James Bond is way more likely to bed a brunette, according to a group of researchers who set out to determine what traits 007 liked in his women. The researchers assessed the physical traits of 195 female actresses who had spoken or appeared in two or more scenes in each film from “Dr. No” (1962) to “Die Another Day” (2002)—20 films in total. The team contrasted the characteristics of the 98 Bond Girls who ended up in the spy’s arms with the 97 female characters that weren’t so lucky. “Every Bond film has multiple female characters who variously tempt, distract, and assist James in his latest mission,” said team leader Kimberly Neuendorf, a professor at Cleveland University. “At least one ‘Bond girl’ is particularly striking—a woman with an adventurous nature, cunning attributes, strong potential for romantic entanglement with Bond, and a sense of self-assurance, whose name—Pussy Galore, Honey Ryder, or Holly Goodhead, for example—is as provocative as the character she portrays.” Check out the researchers’ unexpected findings after the jump.

  • She has dark hair: Only 27 percent of the women were blonde, whereas 40 percent had black hair. Nineteen percent had brown hair and 9 percent were redheads.
  • The hair also needs to be long: The 18 percent who had long hair were more likely to have sex with 007 than the 22 percent who had short hair.
  • She’s American:Although only a quarter of the women in the films were from the US of A, they were more likely to do Bond than the 43 percent who were European.
  • She is young, slim, and most likely doesn’t wear glasses: The average age of the women was 26.
  • She is attractive: More than 90 percent of the women were considered to be of above average attractiveness.
  • She is white: Seventy-five percent of the women that had a sexual liaison with Bond were Caucasian. And only 8 percent were Asian and 7 percent were black. A few were Arab and American Indian.
  • She carries a weapon: Two women tried to murder Bond before they had sex. Two made attempts during sex. And 10 tried after the climax.
  • Bedding Bond is the kiss of death: A fifth of the total female characters died by the end of the films, including several who had slept with 007. [Impact Lab]