Look Like A Swan With The Neck Stretcher

In a beauty world where you can change the color of your hair, the size of your breasts, and even the length of your nose, why should those with earlobes that chafe their shoulders have to suffer? Well they don’t anymore with my latest beauty find: The Neck Stretcher.For those of you totally into the giraffe look, the enterprising Japanese have come out with a product that claims to lengthen your neck. The Neck Stretcher is reminiscent of an accordion in looks (and potentially in design) but is worn like an Elizabethan collar. You place the Neck Stretcher around your neck and squeeze the hand pump manually to send oxygen into the contraption/torture device. In theory, you will experience a “refreshing sensation,” but what you are actually experiencing is the pressure stretching the back of your neck. Though you can buy this unique beauty find for a reasonable $25, it is only sold in Japan. What a tragedy.

I have problems with the Neck Stretcher on many levels, but what really pains me is the safety factor. The Neck Stretcher, besides looking dumb, looks like beauty suicide. Intentionally inflating an object around your neck is more likely to cause you to accidentally suffocate yourself than lead to getting mistaken for a swan, both of which are not good looks.