Paper Doll Boyfriend: Dress Your Dude In Any Style You Fancy!

Lily Q | June 8, 2009 - 6:00 pm

This is Frisky blogger Jessica Wakeman’s boyfriend. Isn’t he cute? (We’ll answer for you: yes). The thing is, just because your boyfriend is adorable as he is, doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be kind of fun to see him dressed entirely different. With this in mind, The Frisky presents a new weekly post: Paper Doll Boyfriends. Whether your guy’s style is heinous and you want a complete change; or you’re just a little curious about how he’d look if he switched from jeans to something totally not his style, like colored linen pants; or you’re into him as he is, but wouldn’t mind seeing him suited up a la Clive Owen, we’re here to make your wildest sartorial boyfriend dreams come true.

Just send a full-body picture of the guy and a description of the style you’ve got in mind or him to with “Paper Doll Boyfriend” in the headline. Pictures facing straight forward without bulky clothing or crossed arms and legs are ideal. Nothing naked, either, you can keep that view all to yourself…