Get A Thinner, Longer Nose With The HanaHana Nose Stretcher

The HanaHana Nose Stretcher is not for the beauty faint of heart. I always thought that Brazilian bikini waxes and Botox were marks of the beauty brave, but there needs to be a whole new category for those who try the HanaHana Nose Stretcher. This Japanese nose stretcher (does anyone else think this sounds like a form of torture?) is basically a super-strong pink clothespin. This contraption works by clamping it over your nostrils for a few minutes every day, and apparently the extreme pressure exerted over the cartilage stretches your nose out—a look coveted by girls who think their nose it too flat or “button-like.” I have no current plans to do a beauty test drive on this product, but for $7 you can try it and let me know how it turns out.

I pass no judgment on people’s beauty routines (I will take mine to the grave). If using a product designed for one of your “problem areas” makes you happy, then The Frisky is certainly not going to burst your bubble. Sure, The HanaHana Nose Stretcher is an arm and a leg cheaper than a nose job, but the real question surrounding the nose stretcher actually boils down to two questions: how and why? How does stretching your cartilage do anything other than give you flabby and flappy nostrils. And why, why in the world would you put a pink hair clothespin on your nose?

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