Throw Away Your Razor And Take A “Beauty Vacation”

If you put on your bikini, grab yourself a fruity cocktail, then head out to the sun…in your own backyard –you’re on a stay-cation. Touted on every channel as the “stay at home and relax” vacation, it makes you feel that your lack of funds for a resort getaway is in fact a really great thing. That got us thinking that the obvs next step in this easy-to-do vacation trend should be an “escape” from your normal beauty routine. Want the ’70s porn-bush you’ve always dreamed of? Take a “Beauty Vacation!” Want to let your leg hair run amok to its heart content? Let it grow, mama, let it GROW! Note: A “Beauty Vacation” takes more effort than just sitting on the couch, or lounging hairily in the sun:You have to completely commit yourself to not obsessively grooming the way you normally would. Here are a few ideas from fellow naturalists to start you off:

“In high school, I once went 40 days without shaving my legs. It was beautiful..and kinda wrong.” —Kat

“The week after finals (during winter break) I sat in my bed, wore nothing but flannel shirts, drank coffee, and watched every single episode of ‘Bones’ ever made. I didn’t brush my hair, put makeup on, or shave. It was lovely.” —Diana

“I didn’t get pedicures or paint my toes for a year and a half. I was training for a marathon and the polish would come off after a few runs so I figured it was a waste to keep redoing it. Then after the marathon, i just got lazy. It was kinda liberating.” —Kate

“Bikini waxes don’t happen if I am not seeing someone. It does get pretty crazy down there. I once had a drought and didn’t groom the kitty for six months. I ended up waxing again even though there was no guy in sight, I was just grossed out.” —Alicia

“I once studied abroad in Italy and didn’t cut my hair the entire time I was there, which was four months! I was so focused on other things like learning the language and traveling— it was really nice to not worry about looks all the time.” —Laura

“Sometimes I’ll go like two weeks with chipped nails. At first it looks unkept, then its starts to look punk-cool. Or at least that’s what I tell myself.” —Nicole

“”Back in high school, I spent a couple week in the summer backpacking through the desert with a group. Unfortunately, the trip overlapped with my period, which was totally gross. And I wound up just walking around for days, on the rag, with out being able to wash my cooter. When it was finally done, I decided I could no longer resist this dude who I had been flirting with. So, I totally let him put the moves on me…but I should never have let him go downtown. I can only imagine what he saw. But the look on his face, scared me. I don’t camp anymore.” —Suzanne

“My senior year of college I was really stressed about finding a job. The stress made me really run down and I was sick all the time. My sister told me she thought it was allergies, so I stopped wearing makeup ENTIRELY for months because I was convinced that my eyeshadow or blush or something had chemicals in it that was making me sick. But then I graduated and got a job, and a boyfriend, and started wearing makeup again.” —Jill

BUT some of us (by some I mean the majority) have a hard time letting go…

“”On the weekends I tell myself I’m only going to fill in my brows, but when I get in the mirror, I’m like: just a little mascara won’t hurt. Then I realize my face looks kind of pale, so I add blush, and before I know it, I’ve got a full face of makeup on.” —Anna