Getting Hired In A Sea Of Unemployment

Employment rates reached 9.4% this month—the highest they’ve been in the past 26 years. Great, so nearly a tenth of the U.S. is unemployed, and I’m graduating college in a semester––yikes! While I’d totally love to embrace “funemployment” come December, I just don’t think my Dad will approve of that. So in the spirit of I-better-start-looking-for-a-job-now-or-I’m-gonna-need-food-stamps-and-I-don’t-know-how-they-work, here are some very creative ways other people have taken to the job search.

  • Rather than doing the applying, one lady name Susan has decided to do the hiring. At her website,, Susan sets out the criteria for a boss she would like to work with: a male in a long stable relationship––that’s it. She’s cleverly turned the tables so bosses who are interested in her can apply to be her superior.
  • Philanthropist and MIT graduate Kynam Doan has launched a website with the tagline, “Doing Good to Get a Job.” For every interview he gets that fits his job skills, Kynam will donate six hours of his time to the San Francisco Bay Area Big Brothers Big Sisters Program and the San Francisco Food Bank. Interviewing this grad is giving back to the community. How can you say no?
  • Some students are taking a proactive stab at the job search using their mortarboards at graduation as a marketing tool. From writing “Hire Me!” to crafting a dollar into an accessorized bow, graduates are trying to sell themselves to the business people watching from above in the stands. [San Francisco Sentinel]
  • While you’re mulling around town, sad to be unemployed, it might help to let everyone around you know that you’re looking for a job. That’s where comes in. At this site, you can either order a custom made shirt with your cover letter on it, or order a standard one with the slogan, “Damn I Need a Job. Know of Anything?” Like people always say with dating, you never know when you’re gonna meet the right person.