Beauty Tips For Stealing The Bride’s Show

You can’t wear a white dress to a wedding. It’s just not a subtle enough method for stealing the show. Turn up at the ceremony wearing a floor-length cream silk number, and suddenly everyone’s muttering insults about how you’re the “Inappropriate One.” Instead, walk in looking a level of gorgeous that diverts attention without being completely trashy. Kate Bosworth’s Met Ball hair and makeup (and dress) absolutely slaughtered the competition, and we show you how to steal her look after the jump. The Hair: It’s old Hollywood without being too fussy and we really couldn’t love it any more than we do.

  1. Wash hair, spritz roots with volumizing tonic (like this one), part to one side, and blow dry straight, starting at the roots for volume.
  2. Using a wide barrel curling iron, wrap sections — about one-inch wide — around the iron, getting as close to the roots as you can and holding it there for five to ten seconds. Spray each chunk lightly with styling spray like this one from Nexxus first so the curls will stick.
  3. Once you’ve finished your entire head, mist lightly with styling spray to give it hold without being crunchy.

The Makeup: Bosworth looks pretty (not tarty) because she stuck with a bold lip and toned everything else down. Follow suit.

  1. Above all else, your skin should look fresh and natural. Just work in a little under eye concealer and cover small blemishes (with this) before dusting on a light layer of NARS sheer powder for a soft finish.
  2. If you’re looking a little pale, a subtle blush — NARS’ powder blush in Orgasm remains my go-to — will do the trick.
  3. For eyes, brush on a heaping helping of volumizing or lengthening mascara (Fiberwig is amazing and won’t come off throughout the night) and leave your lids smudge-free.
  4. And now, the money maker: your lips. Sweet mother of God, that is a gorgeous red Kate’s wearing. Stay away from super shiny or slippery, it won’t serve you well throughout the evening. NARS’ lip pencil in Dragon Girl is my official Favorite Red both for its rich color and the fact that, once on, it doesn’t not frickin’ budge for hours. Plus, you won’t need a separate lip pencil with this one to keep it from bleeding, and we’re always into simplifying.

Now you’re good to go beauty-wise, but keep in mind that Bosworth’s look was also heavily aided by that drop-dead gorgeous dress. Her chest isn’t hanging out all over the place, she’s not covered in jewelry, and there’s no way anyone could say she looks inappropriate. But the sheer lace top is a reserved variety of sexy that’s much more beautiful than cleavage and corsets.