“Bad-Ass Of The Week” Website Picks Actual Bad-Asses

I was slightly confused when my boyfriend started going on about the bad-ass of the week. I nodded dumbly figuring he was just speaking in boy-talk. But oh no, the continued references to the bad-ass continued so I finally decided to translate his statements into normal human speech. It turns out that he was actually making sense and that I just couldn’t fully comprehend the true awesomeness of the Bad Ass Of The Week website. The name is somewhat self explanatory; every week it proclaims a new bad-ass of the week. What makes this site unique, however, is the dark humor and sheer scope of the winners. Forget the usual tough guys we see in the media every day, this site knows no bounds. People are recognized on a weekly basis for just being a plain bad ass. True bad-asses are not constrained by definitions like “deceased,” “non-human” or “fictional.” Good thing too, otherwise we might not have appreciated how Julius Caesar” is everything that a total bad-ass should be. He kicked everyones ass, lived for revenge, got it on with a hot chick, and had his death avenged.” We might have completely missed Voytek the Soldier Bear, the Polish alcoholic Nazi-fighting bear or The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse who “freaking destroy the universe, succeeding where so many diabolical madmen have failed.” What constitutes a bad-ass is subjective, but the weekly winner is always, well…pretty friggin’ cool.

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