WTF “Project Runway,” You Call These People Fashion Experts?

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Is anyone else as peeved as us about the new lineup of guest judges slated to appear on Season 6 of “Project Runway”?

Wait, before you answer, first, a quick recap: After a legal mess, the show was moved to L.A. and will air on Lifetime. Now, we’re hearing loads about special celeb guest hosts. Seriously, celebrities as guest hosts. Why? Because movie stars with their on-call stylists and “fashion” lines know their Juicy sweats from their bedazzled flip-flps? I’m sure. It’s as bad as installing fashion icon Kelly Rowland as a judge on “The Fashion Show” judge.

So, in honor of Runway going all celeb on us, we give you a look at the new rumored guest judges—and without further adieu, our first, Eva Longoria Parker! Between this get-up (As Tim Gunn would say, it’s a whooooole lotta look.) and her love for velour tracksuits, I can’t think of a better guest judge!

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