Workers of the World—It’s Weisure Time!

As a writer who works from home, sometimes the lines get blurred—what is my work time and what is my leisure time? Apparently, I’m not alone. Experts are calling this mish-mash of work and pleasure “weisure time.” Yes, you read that right. Now try to say it three times fast. Laugh now, but get ready to live it, cause experts are predicting that the American workforce is moving from 9 to 5 work hours to 24/7 “weisure time.” Woo hoo! So how did this happen? The good news is that offices are becoming more fun. Co-workers like to get together and brainstorm ideas. Also, social networking sites like Facebook make it easy for both friends and colleagues to be part of your social circle. But the downside? We lose our private time. Work infiltrates our lives until the moment comes that we have to flush our Crackberry down the toilet to get some peace and quiet. But short of an alien takeover on Earth—there’s nothing stopping this freight train. So, I’ll see you at the bar after work for a networking meeting—but I may be late cause I have to take my dog for a walk while catching up on personal emails. And I can’t stay too long because I have to come home and finish an article. Oh, to lead a life of “weisure.” []

What do you think? Is this blurring happening to you?