Put On Your Nylons, Dollface, It’s Time For An Air Raid Party

Brits. We will never understand them sometimes—and not just because of the cute accents.

Tonight some rather cheeky Brits are celebrating a “Blitz Party,” the 65th anniversary of D-Day, when the Allied forces invaded Normandy, France, during WWII. (The Blitz was when the Germans bombed the city of London for over a month straight, tens of thousands of Brits were killed and millions of homes and buildings destroyed.) The Guardian says the Blitz Party will be held under Shoreditch railway arches, done up to look like an air raid shelter with sandbags, searchlights, and bunk beds, and promises a “blackout” till late. The dress code, of course, is 1940s glam, with ladies rationed nylons and men in uniform. Yum, yum!

OK, the whole party sounds fabulous. But also a smidge tasteless. What do you think? [The Blitz Party]