Phil Spector’s Cockroach And Other Strange Celeb Pets

Legendary rock n’ roll producer Phil Spector was just sentenced to 19 years in jail for murder. Although the prison guards took away his infamous afro wig, he was allowed to bring his iPod and a computer with him. So now, the inmate is a blogger…just like me. Dang, these internets are egalitarian! But what’s Phil got to blog about: prison slop, pooping in public, what really happens when you drop the soap? Actually, he’s been going on and on about his budding bromance with Wilson, a pet cockroach who likes to play chess. Uh, gross.

But in the Celebiverse, you don’t have to be behind bars to have a weird friggin’ pet. From a Blackberry stealing chimpanzee to a flock of flamingos, here are our favorite eccentric celebs and their even crazier animals.

  • Wild Thing. Hugh Hefner doesn’t just collect Playboy bunnies. At his mansion in Beverly Hills, Hef has an entire aquarium, zoo, aviary and pet cemetery on the grounds. The mansion is also home to the likes of dozens of monkeys, peacocks, African cranes, flamingos, and other exotic animals, in addition to a bunch of dogs and a cat named Gizmo. And horny men, which we know are the craziest animal of all.
  • If You Knew Suzy, Like I Know Suzy. To get her parents off her back about having babies, Kim Kardashian got a three-year-old pet chimp named Suzy. It worked like a charm on her step-papa, Bruce Jenner, who took to his new grandprimate. However, right after they welcomed the loveable furball into their homes, a woman in Connecticut was mauled by a chimp. Sheesh. So far, Suzy has just made a name for herself stealing the family’s Blackberrys.
  • My Little Pony. For season two of MTV’s “Rob & Big,” they decided to go small and get a mini horse. Big was a nay-sayer, but he just couldn’t stop Rob Drydek from taking the horsey home. In fact, he even ripped out his whole backyard skate ramp to put in a stable that was a decked out replica of Rob’s crib.
  • Hog Heaven While some women might call confirmed bachelor George Clooney a pig, he actually had one as a pet. Normally, middle aged guys try to get rid of their pot bellies, but Georgey just loved his 300 pound pig to pieces. In fact, it even slept in bed with him. But after 18 years of companionship, Max, passed away in 2006. Sadsies.