Seven Times When You Should Embarrass A Woman On The Street

If someone has a zit dead-smack in the middle of their nose, you should ignore it and never point it out. But if a woman is walking down the street and doesn’t realize she’s displaying a wardrobe malfunction, you should tell her discreetly, even if you don’t know her. This is part of the girl code, because, unfortunately, we’ve all been there. After the jump, seven instances when it’s appropriate to embarrass a female stranger in order to save her from more embarrassment in the long run.

  1. Her dress/skirt has rode up or is stuck in her panties
  2. She unknowingly has a period stain
  3. She’s trailing toilet paper behind her
  4. She’s got a huge, dangling booger
  5. Her weave track is exposed or her weave ponytail has slipped
  6. Her dress is ultra sheer
  7. Her shoe heel is about to snap