Quickies!: Nine-Year-Old “Slumdog” Actress Writes A Memoir

  • Nine year-old Rubina Ali is more than just an adorable actress from “Slumdog Millionaire”—she’s also a soon-to-be author! [People] – From the description, the memoir sounds just as vivid as the beautiful film.
  • Denise Richards talks about her “complicated” life in an interview with PopEater. [Pop Eater] — She actually sounds fairly intelligent! Way to step it up, Denise! Now if you could just stop flaunting your bra straps like a wannabe bimbo…
  • Now that James Franco has bailed on giving the UCLA commencement speech, students are rallying together to try to get Conan O’Brien to give it. [Perez] — Here’s hoping they can get the hilarious redhead to show! I will be very jealous if they do.

  • Have you always wished you could hide out in a vagina, but never had the time? Here’s your chance! [Racked] — Looks pretty cozy for a vajay!
  • Here’s hoping the sun comes out, so we can sport these awesome jumpsuits! [Refinery 29]
  • Is your dude fairly furry? Here are 10 things not to say to him. [Lemon Drop]