Q&A: Theo Stockman Talks About “Hair” On Broadway And Down There

This Sunday, the Broadway revival of the sexy ‘60s musical “Hair” is up for eight Tony Awards. You know they must be doing everything right! So, we decided to ask the hottest hippie in the show, young stud Theo Stockman, all about free love, pubic hair, and what it was like to shove his crotch in the face of “American Idol’s” Adam Lambert. The Frisky: I heard a rumor that you had to grow a giant mound of pubic hair for the show’s naked scene?
Theo Stockman: Personally, I trim.

F: Isn’t it anti-“Hair” to trim?
TS: It’s not like we’re standing there in a floodlight, it’s tastefully lit. And no one’s bald. I think the moments about just feeling vulnerable and I think whatever people need to do to themselves to say, “This is who I am, this is the way I need to be seen,” is more what the show is all about.

F: Have you let your parents come see the show?
TS: They’ve been a few times. One of the times they came they were sitting in the second row, right in front of where I stand when I’m naked. It was intense. I was kinda like, “Well you made this, now you get to see it!”

F: Was your dad like, “That’s my boy?!”
TS: He was definitely proud of me and you know, part of being proud of me was revealing myself to thousands of people in the nude. But it wasn’t really anything they felt we needed to address. It was like, “OK, it happened, and let’s move on.”

F: Was that the most akward moment you’ve had on stage?
TS: There’s a lot of awkward moments in “Hair” because we’re basically jumping into the audience and confronting them. The audience is just as an important part of the show as the cast is. And so every night it’s a different crowd and I have so many moments with individual people. I jumped on a chair and put my crotch in [American Idol winner] Adam Lambert’s face last night, just for fun.

F: Did he like it?
Hot Theo: He did like it! I asked him afterward if he liked it and he said it was a great experience. So, you know, we bonded over it. But you never know how people are going to respond to you. That’s kind of the excitement of it.

F: Is your favorotie part of playing a hippie getting to shove your crotch in people’s faces?
TS: I mean, any excuse to shove my dick in someone’s face, I look forward to, but for me it’s never been about being a hippie. I told Michael McDonald, who’s the costume designer, when I went in for my first fitting, “I don’t want to be a flowery hippie person. I want to be the rock n’ roll guy.” So, he gave me this purple Hendrix Sgt. Pepper kind of jacket, which is amazing. I’m in love with it. But you know, I don’t think of myself as a hippie. I just think of myself as a crazy motherf**ker.

F: So, aside from the rad jacket, are you going to keep any other fashion statements from the musical?
TS: I wear a little eyeliner in the show and in my life because it doesn’t really come off. When I was at a bar the other night, I wound up talking to someone and I explained about the show. And he was like, “Oh, I just thought you were one of those a**holes that wears guyliner.”

F: As a dude who loves the ladies and the theater, help us out — how can women get a guy to take them to a play on a date, let alone a musical?
TS: I don’t think it’s that hard. I think going to “Hair” would be an awesome date because it’s funky and sexy and it’ll get you right where you need to be. There’s a lot of humping…kissing. It’s just totally sexual. There’s a song called “Sodomy” — it’s very good date music. It’s very good baby-makin’ music. I don’t think it would be very difficult at all if you said, “Let’s go to ‘Hair,’ babe.”

F: After such a hypersexual show are you ever like, that’s enough sex for me?
TS: Um, no! As sexy as it is, I’m not having sex in the show. And nothing beats the real thing. If anything, it gets me very much in the mood. Everyone’s always a little tingly after the show.

F: Has anyone ever picked you up after seeing you in the show?
TS: You know, a lot of really attractive people \come to the show. And if there’s some girls in the front row, I’ll make it very obvious that I’m attracted to them and they’ll play back with me. It’s wild. I went out last night with two girls who came to the show. It’s cool to have that overlap between what you do on stage and meeting people in real life.

So ladies, if you want to see Theo in the flesh, you can catch him in “Hair” on Broadway in New York City. But if you want to bump and grind with the guy, well, just head downtown to one of his DJ nights at Black & White Bar, Don Hills, or Niagara.