Grammy Awards Bid Adieu To Polka, But We Still Like The Clothes

After more than 20 years of conferring awards on top polka albums, the Grammy Awards is ditching its polka category. The genre has simply become less competitive over the years since the pool of artists in the category is relatively tiny. But let’s not forget about polka entirely, okay? While polka music is a little hokey, the costumes associated with it are inspiring.

  • Adorn your head with a flower-lined headband. [$14.99 on sale, Urban Outfitters]
  • An embroidered blouse is far more interesting than a plain one. [$29.99 on sale, Fred Flare]
  • Full skirts are fun to spin in… [$119.99 on sale, French Connection]
  • …But wear bloomers underneath so you won’t have to worry about the world seeing your knickers. [$25, American Apparel]

We don’t advocate wearing all four items together…..unless you’re competing in a polka competition.