Fan Tattoos: Paris Hilton & Robert Pattison’s Fans Get Inked

0603 paris tmz video60509 jpg
I admit, back in the day I was definitely “that girl” who covered her walls in *NSYNC posters and waited outside after their concert just to catch a glimpse of JT. I considered my young boy band love a “healthy” obsession, but nowadays teenyboppers and crazy fans are getting serious ridiculous with their celebrity devotion.

This Paris Hilton fan wears her heart on her wrist. Unfortunately the heart is part of Paris’ signature now permanently etched in her skin. The only Paris anyone should love this much includes baguettes and berets. [TMZ]

After the jump, check out some more fans whose love of their fave celebs will last forever. Or until they turn 30 and realize they need laser removal.

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