Shopping For A New Face? Read A Magazine.

Looking for a new face? Glance no farther than the pages of your bedside reading. Lifestyle Lift and Quicklift, two “minimally invasive” facelift procedures, have been branded and advertised as if they’re comparable to L’Oreal and Nivea.The procedures aren’t as invasive as the typical facelift, but involve “lifting underlying layers of muscle and connective tissue” and “trimming skin.” Sound like something you’d like to try?
Well before you schedule an appointment, please do a little research. As plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Reagan warns, “people are buying, so buyer beware.” One woman wasn’t, and ended up with a lopsided face. “[The surgeon] lifted one side very high and left the other side hanging.,” she explained.
I think I’ll stick to my Olay Regenerist night cream, thank you very much.