Maine’s Topless Coffee Shop Burns Down

I’m one of those people that loves being naked. Ask anyone who has ever lived with me and they will tell you it’s my forte. Sadly, yesterday a coffee shop in Maine that shared my love of nakedness burned down. The Grand View Topless Café had been a huge success in Vassalboro, Maine since it opened February, due in large part to the half-naked wait staff. Relax, the servers were both male and female—the Grand View wasn’t just some pseudo Hooters. “We didn’t hire 10s,” the owner told CNN. “We hired everyone from skinny to big-boned.” Although many people in this small town were up in arms over the nudity when the place opened, the sex was selling. But, alas, the shop is no more. And the owner didn’t have insurance on the property. [Maine Today]

While the Grand View Topless Café rests in peace, let’s take a look at some other places where the topless business model prevails:

  • Interestingly, the little clothing/hot coffee combo has been done before. In Kent, Washington, there are so many drive-through espresso shops that, to set themselves apart, Cowgirls Espresso went bikini clad. In their triangle tops, the baristas offer more than just a drink. And they probably lure in lots folks who wouldn’t be caught dead in Starbucks. [Seattle Times] And SexxxPresso is a coffee shop done Las Vegas-style, with lingerie laden ladies serving the coffee. Their website even has a Bodacious Barista section. [Sexx Yes Presso]
  • If your car is dirty, why not have someone barely clothed give it a scrub? That’s the idea at a popular topless car wash in Greensboro, North Carolina. [NY Times] Across the country in Mascow, Idaho, both men and women bare their chests to wash cars at the Topless Car Wash. The regular car wash nearby lost about $100 a day as soon as it opened. [Seattle Pi]
  • While we know the whole woman-in-a-French-maid-costume is one of those strange male fantasies, this is taking it to the extreme. At Topless Cleaners in Southern California, women dust and vacuum in the nude. The company’s motto is “from dust to lust.” But there is one restriction—they won’t clean your toilet. [OC Weekly]