Gallery: Celebs In Scrunchies

jessica biel 060409 jpg
So much more than a mere rubber band and yet serving the same function, the scrunchie has been in retirement for years now, biding its time like Britney Spears of Lord Voldermort. But the time has finally come for a comeback. And what a comeback it is. Aside from a forceful push by American Apparel, which now offer scrunchies in hipster-approved incarnations like gold lamé and neo- yellow, Jessica Biel—she of the taut ass and pretty clothes—is an early re-adopter of the scrunchie. Check out the illustrative image above for visual evidence. (Ignore the fact that the ponytail is a suspiciously a different color from the rest of her hair, squint hard, and you’ll almost believe that she’s scrunchied out of her own accord.)
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