Facelifts, Highlights, And Other Beauty Treatments You Shouldn’t Skimp On

Times are tough and women are looking for ways to cut back. We at The Frisky are determined to bring you the best budget beauty out there, but we are also not going to lie to you: some things you just can’t skimp on. You may never notice the difference between a CoverGirl and a Chanel lipstick but there are certain beauty products and treatments where you will. So save yourself some medical danger and grief and read our five beauty treatments we beg you to fork over the dough for.

  1. Face Lifts and Other Cosmetic Surgeries: Plastic surgery is a hot-button issue for good reason. There are potential risks and complications, steep price tags and some gals just plain don’t believe in them. We won’t pass judgment on whether you should or shouldn’t go under the knife, but we will give you a very stern talking to if you do so carelessly or on the cheap. If you are going get some work done, do so responsibly and do your homework. The old catchphrase “if it seems to good to be true, it probably is” was made for plastic surgery that touts that it is cheaper, less invasive and “one size fits all.” (We’re looking at you “Lifestyle Lift”, which promises to “Remove years in about an hour.”) We all love Target, but the difference between a Target dress and a Vera Wang gown is obvious. Do you really want to be the girl with the Target face? We didn’t think so.
  2. Dental Cosmetics: We know that eyes are supposed to be the window to the soul, but we think that your smile says just as much about you, if not more. Anything involving beautifying your teeth is ridiculously expensive. Don’t ask me why, because I don’t really get what exactly is so complicated about teeth, but whatevs, the reality is that a better smile costs lots of moolah. With one single porcelain veneer costing $2000 bucks a tooth, we can see why you might look for cheaper alternatives. We advise you to stay away from invasive cheaper procedures because even though I mock dentists, there are medical risks. Not to fear though, we will leave you something to smile about. The Snap-On Smile is by no means cheap, but the total price tag rolls out to under $2000, much better than traditional procedures. I admit I was just a tad bit dubious about this one. The idea that I would just “snap on” a set of fake teeth over my own contained loads of potential for embarrassment (having your fake teeth fall out while making out with a hot guy is not sexy). The Snap-On Smile is a removable dental appliance made out of flexible materials (plastics with really long funny names). Think of a set of fake vampire teeth you use for Halloween, except somewhat better, but still as creepy.
  3. Hair Coloring: We know that there are millions of at home hair-coloring options out there, but please, just don’t. There are just way too many ways you can screw this one up, and you’re left with busted hair for months. Even if you manage to dye your hair successfully (and this in and of itself is no easy feat), chances are the color isn’t what you thought it would look like or the shade isn’t as flattering as you deserve. Highlights seem easy enough, but trust me, they are particularly dangerous to attempt on your own. Professional coloring is pricey, but you can save a bit by buying products that will make your color last and stretching your appointments out two weeks longer than your colorist says. [$16, Redken Color Extend Shampoo, DrugStore.com]
  4. Anything Involving A Laser: Anything that is used as a weapon by the U.S. armed forces should not be treated lightly. Lasers are a bit of a beauty miracle when it comes to getting rid of acne, varicose veins, scars, and eyesight, but the miracle does not extend to the price tag. Just one session with a laser can land you at $1000 buckaroos. Still, if not done by a pro, the laser treatments can cause serious permanent damage and other serious side effects.
  5. Botox/Restylane/Juvaderm: I have needle issues to begin with, so the idea of anything budget with a needle scares me to death. Injections such as Botox, Restylane, and Juvaderm are not without controversy, but I don’t think anyone has dropped dead in their stilettos from these anti-wrinkle injections. Even though the products are pretty much safe, getting them done by an unqualified doctor puts you at medical and beauty risk. The medical risk is that both these products are potent and unlike flax seed oil, too much or too little and you are in major trouble. The beauty risk is that you will get that frozen look or a lopsided expression of surprise for a few months.