Crazy Amy Living It Up While Wearing Herself Down In St. Lucia

I used to enjoy reading about Amy Winehouse’s antics. But over the months, it’s become too sad to file under enjoyment. The Daily Mail sent a reporter to St. Lucia to find out what Crazy Amy, as the locals call her, has been up to. And it’s awfully gloomy.On a positive note, Winehouse has kicked her addictions to heroin, crack, and cocaine. But on the down side, she’s made a new habit out of tequila. So much so that the Cotton Bay Village where she’s staying has to frequently restock because she drinks the place dry. Winehouse has even been seen grabbing bottles and taking swigs behind bartenders’ backs.

That’s just the start. Despite multiple hospitalizations and near death binges in recent months, Universal Records keeps supporting her lifestyle in the hopes that she’ll produce something as good as her sensational album Back to Black. The company is paying more than $3,000 a night for two villas that come equipped with a butler and maid. Although luxurious, the accommodations haven’t resulted in the production anything of significant. Only a wasted $800,000.

On an awkward note, Amy claims her best friend is a 6-year-old local girl from St. Lucia. While I’m glad she’s making friends, I can only hope that she can get it together. [Daily Mail]